Omkara Cruise - Discover the Indian cuisine in Halong Bay

India is one of the countries contributing to the unique culture of Vietnam. Therefore, the people of the two countries have deep and close connections. Receiving the attention and love of Indian tourists at Halong Bay, the Omkara Halong Indian Cruise was born for that reason!

For the first time at Halong Bay Cruise Deals, a unique cruise ship exclusively for Indian tourists and those who love the culture and cuisine of this country. Particularly, it is the most booked by Indian customers and is considered the best standard Indian food in Hanoi. Therefore, we have compiled all the features that make Omkara the most rewarding cruise for Indian customers in Halong Bay and introduced them to you.

Omkara Indian Cruise sailing by Hon Trong - Hon Mai in Halong Bay

Welcome to the Omkara Halong Indian Cruise, where you will create a whole new experience! Let’s step on this journey with us!

1. Omkara Cruise Overview

Omkara Halong Indian Cruise launched in 2019 and has been operating for 4 years. It is always at the top of the most searched cruises at Halong Bay Cruise Deals, Omkara with attractive points that will bring you the best time on your next holiday. You will have the opportunity to enjoy Indian dishes with high-standard service, which ensures you will be satisfied. During the 6-hour cruise on this Day Cruise in Halong Bay, you can enjoy full facilities with the dedicated care of the staff. For those who want to chill, the bar and coffee shop will be the ideal place to relax while watching the sunset go down; the currency exchange is available, which enables you to conveniently exchange money not only in Halong Bay but also in Vietnam. 

Omkara Cruise is favored by many Indian guests

Omkara Cruise brings Indian food to Halong Bay

2. Why does Omkara Cruise choose Indian cuisine as the main food?

During many years of operating cruises, Indian tourists have given special attention and love to Halong Bay Cruises. Therefore, the Annam Indian restaurant has created the Omkara cruise, especially for Indian tourists and food lovers in this country, as a gesture of gratitude for trusting Halong Bay Cruise Deals. From then on, the journey of bringing Indian cuisine to Vietnam on the Omkara Cruise in Halong Bay marked a new milestone.

Chiefs on Omkara Indian Cruise are qualified and mastered in Indian cuisine

How would you experience Indian food on the Omkara cruise in Halong Bay?

You will arrive at the Omkara cruise at noon, and Annam India restaurant will gladly welcome you with a starter of Thayir Vadai (Dahi Vada) to regain your energy after a long transferring time. Then, you will enjoy the authentic Indian vegetarian buffet lunch that feels like a taste of home while cruising in the fantastic views of Halong Bay. In the final part of the trip, you can enjoy the Evening Party with the famous Indian Masala Chai & snacks. It’s promised to be the most beautiful moment of the day because you can chill with music, relax and contemplate the sunset going down before returning to Hanoi. 

Indian food served on Omkara Cruise makes Indian guests feel like home

Do you have any questions about the menu? Please contact Halong Bay Cruise Deals now for constant advice and booking!

3. Omkara Cruise service

We believe that Customer is King.

From the moment you step on board, the attentive and friendly staff go above and beyond to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. The crew is well-trained and knowledgeable, providing informative commentary about the sights and activities. Your every need is catered to, from warm restaurants to delectable meals prepared by skilled chefs. The service is prompt, efficient, and delivered with a genuine smile. Whether it's organizing exciting excursions or offering personalized recommendations, the staff's dedication to exceptional service enhances your overall cruise experience.

Omkara staff makes sure guests having the best time on Halong Bay

All you need is just sit back, relax, and let the good service on your Omkara Cruise elevate your journey to an unforgettable time.

4. Omkara Itineraries

What can you do on the day tour Omkana Halong Indian Cruise?

Our guide will pick you up from Hanoi Old Quater in the morning and arrive at Sun World Habour at noon. After 1 hour, you will embark on the Omkara cruise and listen to a safety briefing; then you will enjoy a delicious Indian meal while contemplating the enchanting Halong Bay!

After relaxing time, you start your journey to these highlight destinations in Halong Bay! The first stop is Sung Sot Cave, located in the center of the UNESCO-designated World Heritage region, which is one of the largest and most impressive caves in Halong Bay. It’s promised to be a mesmerizing natural wonder that will leave you in awe. You can admire the surrounding limestone karsts, emerald waters, and picturesque landscapes that make Halong Bay so famous from certain areas within the cave. The intricate formations and impressive scale make Sung Sot Cave a must-visit attraction in Halong Bay.

Luon Cave is the first stop in Omkara Indian Cruise

You head out to Luon Cave which is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Its name translates to "tunnel cave," and it's a natural wonder! As you enter Luon Cave, you'll be greeted by lush greenery and a vibrant ecosystem, it is also home to various bird species and other wildlife, adding to the charm and tranquility of the location. Navigating through the narrow entrance by kayak or small boat, you will be greeted by towering limestone cliffs and emerald waters. You can explore the beautiful island in 45 minutes with lots of fun! 

The final destination is Titov Island. Towering like a gem in Halong Bay, Titov Island captivates with its pristine beauty. Ascend to the summit for panoramic views of the emerald waters and karst limestone formations. You can also relax on the sandy beach or take a refreshing swim in the bay's turquoise waters. The sunsets on Titov Island are simply spectacular. As the sun dips below the horizon, the entire bay is bathed in a warm golden glow, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere. Titov Island is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike!

Omkara Itinerary is tailored made for Indian guests to explore the best sites in Halong Bay

On the way back to the harbor, the Evening Party onboard will give you a romantic and peaceful atmosphere where you can chill with Indian Masala Chai & snacks and the fascinating landscape of Halong Bay! 

At 6 PM, you will return to Hanoi for 2 hours, then our driver will drop you off at your hotel and say goodbye to you. The memorable trip is finished.

Happy Indian guests on Omkara Cruise

It is not a coincidence that the Omkara Cruise in Halong Bay has become the most popular cruise with Indians, because once you have experienced it, it will be difficult to forget!  As your Halong Bay Cruise comes to an end, you will find yourself forever touched by the beauty and tranquility of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. May your journeys be filled with adventure, discovery, and unforgettable moments.

From Halong Bay Cruise Deals, namaste!


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