Pearl Farm Village

Overview Pearl Farm Village

Pearl Farm Village which is surrounded by cascading mountains that jut out from the jewel-colored waters of the bay and is where Halong Bay’s traditional marine culture meets modern tourism. According to the legends, the hundreds of islands in Vietnam’s Halong Bay were formed by a dragon which spits jewels across the water.

One of them is Pearl Farm Village. Up to now, Pearl Farm Village has only been operational for a couple of years, but the response has shown that despite the short time, people love the exchange of culture that the Pearl Farm Village displays. Fortunately, Mother Nature blesses this bay not only magnificent geological creature, breathtaking scenery but also precious natural products, the most famous of which is Halong’s pearls.

Pearl Farm Village

Pearl Farm Village

Once visiting the pearl farm, tourists will have a chance to watch the whole process to make a valuable pearl and expensive jewelry from the first step of growing and harvesting pearl from Halong Bay. You can also go and see the local experts engaging in the exhaustive process of cultivating and farming the pearls from start to finish. In which, there is every part, from planting the pearl seeds into the oyster, to popping the shell open to reveal the pearl within.

You can be surprised by everything handmade at an intricate level, and such minute and delicate tools being used, watching the experts at work. More interesting, visitors will have a chance to pick up some pearls of their own- fresh pearls from Halong Bay make a great souvenir after touring the workshop.

Pearl Farm Village

Pearl Farm Village

Towards many people who want to understand how the white and bright pearls are created, this is really a very interesting and awesome visit.

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