Drum Cave

Overview Drum Cave

Drum Cave is situated one door of a small arc in the eastern mountain range of Bo Hon Island, is 3km away from Sung Sot Cave on the southeast of Halong Bay. Especially, Drum Cave's legend is associated with Virgin Cave (Trinh Nu Cave), which is in the opposite direction.

According to legend, once upon a time, a beautiful woman and a hardworking fisherman fell in love while living in a floating fishing town in Halong Bay. Living in abject poverty, she was compelled to marry a wealthy villager. She objected and escaped to a desert cave since she was in love with the fisherman. The woman was terrified to death on a rainy and stormy day. The fisherman promptly rowed a boat to the girl after learning the dreadful news. He got lost in another desert cave opposite the one where the woman was staying. He could see her from a distance. 

Drum Cave

Drum Cave

People supposed that whenever lightning strikes, the sound from the cave is like from a big drum, hence it is called Drum Cave. Drum Cave is famous for its associated origin story and its various beautiful stalactites. Recently, this cave is an ideal place to operate an amazing dinner for tourists. After a full day with a variety of activities such as swimming, kayaking, visiting floating village, tourists can go back to the boat and relax on the sundeck, or just enjoy some drinks.

In the evening, you have the opportunity to visit Drum Cave where is decorated by the candlelight and the food is ready to be served the tourists. Everything looks like a different world with a warm welcome, being private and romantic to enjoy.

Drum Cave

Drum Cave

If you want to experience having dinner in Drum Cave, connect us! We will answer your wishes and quality expectations, ranging from menus to buffet style, combining Western and Asian with local Vietnamese delicacies. 

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