Dau Go Cave

Overview Dau Go Cave

Located on Dau Go Island about 6 km from Bai Chay Harbour and only 300 meters from Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave is a natural wonder that has captured the hearts and imagination of visitors from around the world. This cave was found on the same name island, about 6 kilometers from Bai Chay Harbour, Halong. Being floated on the emerald water, this awesome cave is amongst the most famous tourist attractions in Halong Bay tour

According to scientific research, Dau Go Cave was created in the Pleistocene epoch around 2 million years ago with a 12-meter wide, 17-meter-high entrance and a 5.000 square meters space inside the cave. Going through a long period of karst process, it is stunning for its animated stalactites and stalagmites in different shapes and sizes.

Dau Go Cave

Dau Go Cave

Explaining the name of “Dau Go”, people regarded that it is connected with the victory of Supreme Commander Tran Hung Dao against Mongol invasion in the 13th century by deploying booby traps of giant steel-tipped wooden stakes beneath the water.

However, some think Dau Go Cave is named after its shape – a wooden stake. Up to now, this wooden stake has become among the most famous tourist attractions in Halong Bay. Setting your foot on this place, you can take a chance to discover a giant oil painting describing primitive landscapes with rows of stalagmites and stalactites changing their color upon the intensity and angle of the light.

Dau Go Cave

Dau Go Cave

We are truly proud to introduce Dau Go Cave which is listed in the world-famous tourism book Merveille de Monde published in France in 1938, is the most beautiful and worth-visiting tourist attraction in the world, under the name “Grotte des Merveilles” (Cave of Wonders). Once visiting this cave, you must go through 3 main compartments.

From the space which is filled up by natural light to a narrow entrance with a little lack of light, then to the last massive with a sacred fairy that is said to be used by beautiful fairies descending from the heavenly kingdom, all of those are promised that will bring you a great and unique experience.

To reach this mystery cave, you can choose to take itineraries from many Halong Bay Cruise Deals such as Au Co Cruise or Bhaya Legend Cruise. In addition to this location, you can refer to Lan Ha Bay Cruise or Bai Tu Long Cruise to visit more pristine locations with Halong Bay Cruise Deals.

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