Hoa Cuong Fishing village

Overview Hoa Cuong Fishing village

Belongs to Halong Bay, Hoa Cuong Fishing Village is encompassed by the majestic limestone hills as rising from the sea, making an impressive painting of the World Natural Heritage.

With a population of 750 people living on 200 floating house, the main income of local is by fishing and fish farming from a long time ago, Hoa Cuong Village is also a great destination for the tourist who has been through Halong Bay. Situated in a corner of the limestone islands and islets, Hoa Cuong is where the tourists can see the islands like a huge wall to protect the village to avoid the storm. 

Hoa Cuong Fishing Village

Hoa Cuong Fishing Village

The most familiar images are bamboo boats which are the main transportation for the villager, particularly, the children know how to swim before walk. Hoa Cuong Fishing Village is known as a model of fish cages raising with seafood market, the introduction of aquaculture techniques, providing aquaculture supplies and food services.

Everything here is related to the sea and water. Even so, their daily life is not monotonous. In particular, on the occasion of a wedding or festival, the tourists can take a chance to hear their traditional folk songs.

Nowadays, this fishing village also boasts a training institution for their children, that are the very first floating classrooms in Halong Bay. The Hoa Cuong Floating Cultural Center is where displays the documents and images of the traditional fishing community in Halong Bay.

Hoa Cuong Fishing Village

Hoa Cuong Fishing Village

A quick tips when you have a trip to Hoa Cuong Fishing Village is get knowledge about this place before visiting; should not give money or candy for children because they prefer earning money to going to school. 

To get to Hoa Cuong villlage is very easy if you do 1 day tour itinerary route of Halong Bay Cruise Deals with diverse types of cruise and itinerary in case you love to explore more wonderful places in Halong Bay. 

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