Ba Ham Lake

Overview Ba Ham Lake

Ba Ham Lake is located on Dau Be Island that belongs to Lan Ha Bay, southeast of Halong Bay; its position is in  the midst of a narrow, rectangular area, with the four sides enclosed by perpendicular Islands.

This is a system comprising three wide and round pits that connects by a narrow tunnel and the stalactites hanging from the ceiling in a myriad of strange and colored forms; Ba Ham Lake has long been considered an ideal tourism zone. Ba Ham Lake is considered the home to many species of plants such as orchids, Benjamin figs, banyans, and cycads, which blossom throughout the year; and diverse animals: yellow-haired monkeys, birds, flying squirrels, bats, etc.

Ba Ham Lake

Ba Ham Lake

Starting from the entrance which is an open semi-circular hole in the flat stone wall on the north-west side of the island, about 4 - 5 m above the sea; visitors will enter the first tunnel, which boasts a forest of stalactites and stalagmites in different shapes and various colors. Waterfalls of stalactites suspended from the 4-meter-high ceilings provide guests with both dazzling shows and geology and geomorphology values. Because the water here is so clear, you can see a variety of fish swimming around

 The shaft of light coming from the roof of the tunnel reveals different kinds of orchids clinging to the cliff, cycads growing here and there, trúc đuôi gà (a kind of reed with cock’s tail-liked yellow leaves) flourishing in clumps some 100 m from the entrance. Ba Ham Lake is where related to the tranquil atmosphere. Ba Ham Lake

Ba Ham Lake

Due to its real off-the-beaten path destination, Ba Ham Lake is not frequently visited by tourists. Ba Ham Lake can only be accessible by kayak or sampan boat during low tides due to its unusual structure. If you expect to kayak or go with a local boat, you can choose a tour of Halong Bay Cruise Deals and discover some similar places such as: Sung Sot Cave, Trung Trang Cave, and Ao Ech Area.

In Ha Long Bay, Ba Ham Lake is considered as the most outstanding site where still remains untouched natural scenery and special ecological environment. Do not hesitate, call us now to have a unique experience in Ba Ham Lake!

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