Thay cave (Master cave)

Overview Thay cave (Master cave)

Halong Bay Cruise Deals is honor to introduce the caves and grottoes of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay are becoming one of Vietnam’s most valuable natural assets, therein a cave has a strange name: Thay Cave.

Thay Cave is around 25 kilometers from Quan Cave and is located near to the "Stone Park" in Bai Tu Long Bay. "Thay Cave" means "Master Cave" due to there are lots of books-sized and quill–sized stalactites, and a small stone like a table.

Thay Cave (Master cave)

Thay Cave (Master cave)

Master Cave is about 3m wide and about 150m deep. In the middle of the cave, there is a small lake filled with water from the watershed of the mountain flowing down at night and day. Beside the stalactites hang down all strange shapes, the light from the cave’s door reflected in the natural stalactites along with the gurgling of the streams gives a sense of the mysterious, strange charm.

Another unusual feature of a cave is the floor of the cave which is covered in the sand instead of tending to have uneven, rocky floors that have eroded over time. Compared with the structures of stones in Thien Cung Cave and Sung Sot Cave which have a vertical direction, Thay Cave has a horizontal direction. It is hundreds of thousands of stone blocks that were heaped up together and look like stacks of giant books.

Thay Cave (Master cave)

Thay Cave (Master cave)

Traveling to Bai Tu Long Bay in the summer allows you to escape the oppressive heat of the city and immerse yourself in the cool air of the sea and islands. The weather between June and August has high percentage of storms and typhoons, please making the decision carefully. 

According to the management board of Halong Bay, with the process of researching and the relevant authorities, Thay Cave will become an unique beach in the cave. In addition, there is also a caving tour by speed boat, meets the needs of an increasing daily visit of tourists. 

Together with us to explore by kayaking and admire the beautiful natural scenery of one of the most mysterious caves in Bai Tu Long Bay.

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