Cong Dam area

Overview Cong Dam area

Halong Bay Cruise Deals introduces to you an impressive area with a great combination of mountains and seas - Cong Dam Area. We committed that the magnificent beauty of the two elements in this destination can make you love at the first sign. Cong Dam Area is famous for the most breathtaking views of Halong Bay tour, majestic mountains, and glorious beaches, and houses a fishing village with a population of 120.

Another highlight point is the limestone karsts which are nearly 340 million years old look like the amazing arrangement of “mother nature”. This becomes an incredibly valuable part of Halong Bay’s natural history and ecosystem. Moreover, Cong Dam’s water home to the largest coral reefs in Halong Bay, makes this ecosystem unique and diverse.

Cong Dam area

Cong Dam area

The beautiful beaches such as Tra Gioi, Cay Bang, and Cat Oan are also the highlight of the Cong Dam Area. Besides, this area has a small traditional floating village, and although it is no longer residential (the government ordered the residents to move inland a few years ago) it has been preserved to authentically represent the culture and lifestyle of the old floating villages.

With the deep-rooted tradition of fishing culture, Cong Dam is a great place for tourists to talk with local people, hear the tales of their memorable lives; or sit in bamboo boats paddled by local people who take you to explore the magnificent mountains and beautiful small houses. Then all the thrilling experiences like kayaking, boat rowing, and fishing with fishermen can not be skipped on this trip.

Cong Dam area

Cong Dam area

Despite sitting relatively far away from the mainland which on one hand contributes to its feeling of isolation, it is what has allowed its primitive culture to thrive, largely unchanged by modern tourism. If you have a chance to visit the Halong Bay cruise tour, you should not miss out on this amazing destination.

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