Soi Sim Island

Overview Soi Sim Island

A small island located to the West of Halong Bay with a total area of 8.7 hectares with two hills at a height of 100m. According to the locals, “Soi Sim” was named after a plant which was on the island in the past: Rhodomyrtus tomentosa (called “sim” in Vietnamese).

This island was formed hundreds of millions of years ago, gradually be surrounded by sea and has the special geological structure with 2/3 of its area covered by Feral and weathering soils. With the result of thousands of years isolated from the mainland, the primeval forests on Soi Sim are home to many species of flora, especially endemic plants. The most attractive feature enchanting tourists when visiting Soi Sim Island is the peaceful ambiance and natural beauty of the green primeval forest and blue sea.

Soi Sim Island

Soi Sim Island

Being endowed by nature, Soi Sim is also famous for two charming beaches on the island with white sand and clear seawater which are the preferred destinations for all of the tourists. Coming to Soi Sim Island, travelers can take part in a variety of interesting activities: swimming, kayaking,…

Here the sea waters are so crystal and emerald that you can see shoals of small fish swimming around. In recent times, Soi Sim Islands received more regard in developing tourism with the project which is built to protect all of the flora and fauna. Therefore, the tourists who visit Soi Sim will find different types of beautiful flowers with precious and rare genetic resources of endemic and valuable species, which are named in the Vietnam Red Data Book.

Soi Sim Island

Soi Sim Island

Moreover, the whole island walkway system is made of wood and avoids harm to the ecosystem on the island. All of that promises to create a new attractive tourism product for visitors, develop sustainable tourism, and contribute to promoting the value of the island as well as Halong Bay to international visitors.


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