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Overview - Bai Tu Long Bay Cruises

Welcome to the land of 100 dormant dragons. As well as many islands in Van Don, Cam Pha District, Bai Tu Long Bay promises to deliver many unique experiences, far from the heavily touristic sites. Lesser known than its sister (Ha Long Bay) which is a glamorous beauty queen surrounded by reporters and followers, Bai Tu Long Bay is another secret haven with original and charming beauty without much public attention.

Bai Tu Long Bay is more stunning and attractive than its neighbor thanks to its natural and primitive beauty. It’s also outstanding with a long range of islands which was created when the whole limestone upland sunk below sea level. Once coming Bai Tu Long, you will have the chance to visit a great many amusing destinations such as the Cong Do area, Vung Vieng fishing village, Cong Dam area, Thien Canh Son cave, and much more. In that, we must mention its national park which is the home of many endangered species of birds and animals, as well as plants. It is because of its less rowdy and touristy, Bai Tu Long remains pristine, and residents are more local fishermen than tourism service workers.

Bai Tu Long is also associated with stories from ancient times when Vietnam was attacked by its invaders, Emperor Jade sent Mother Dragon and her children to help the Vietnamese. After the invaders were defeated, due to falling in love with the peaceful seascape, the dragons decided to make their home in the bay. So the place where Mother Dragon descended is now called Halong Bay, while Bai Tu Long Bay is where the young dragons descended.

From November to April when the weather is cooler, dry, and stable, so this is the ideal time to visit Bai Tu Long and you can take part in an ideal deal of energetic activities such as kayaking and swimming. In opposite, winter is a good time for those who want to avoid tourist crowds. And here we have listed our selection of the best Bai Tu Long Bay cruises for your money. We hope these cruises on Bai Tu Long Bay will become the most memorable experience for all our visitors.

The attractions of Bai Tu Long Bay Luxury Cruise

Bai Tu Long and Ha Noi have almost no differences except the number of tourist boats, meaning that attractions are similar in appearance, but feel very different to explore.

1. Ban Chan Beach

This beach is considered as a harmonious picture between the clouds and water like an exceptional masterpiece, bewitching any public thoughts had. With the beach stretches for several kilometers, the powdery white sand and jewel-colored waters, Ban Chan Beach is an ideal place for a waterside stroll as you take in the surrounding landscape. Ban Chan Beach is known as one of those rare places where you should go to do nothing, nothing but contemplates your surroundings- perhaps by taking a walk along the coastline or cooling off with a swim in the crystalline waters. No matter who you're, what you do, where you come from, and how old are you, you will be impressed by the airy space or the white sand for many kilometers beneath casuarina pines of Ban Chan Beach.

2. Cong Dam Area

Mention Cong Dam area means to talk about some of the most breathtaking views of Halong Bay, with majestic mountains and glorious beaches and also houses a fishing village with a population of 120. This area is well-known for the limestone karsts which are said to be nearly 340 million years old, which looks like the amazing arrangement of “mother nature”, making them an especially valuable part of Halong Bay’s natural history and ecosystem. With the deep-rooted tradition of fishing culture, Cong Dam is a great place for tourists to talk with local people, hear them tell tales of their memorable lives or can sit in bamboo boats paddled by local women who will take you to explore the magnificent mountains and beautiful small houses. Then we are sure that you cannot skip all thrilling experiences like kayaking, boat rowing, and fishing with fishermen.

3. Thien Canh Son cave

Be considered as “True heaven on Earth” or “the pearl of Halong”, once visiting Thien Canh Son Cave, you will be surprised by an almost surreal wonderland with natural images and incredible stalactites resembling and a baby elephant or a lotus. In order to explore this cave, you would walk up about 100 stone steps, placed under the foliages and craggy cliffs which bring in a new feeling like climbing on the heaven gate’s side. After getting out of the cave, tourists will be surprised by the stunning scenery of Bai Tu Long Bay and Ha Long Bay from above. And right below the cave is a fabulous white sandy beach with naturally emerald green water. Travelers can wallow in the fresh water with a windy atmosphere or join kayak riding to explore the island further.

4. Vung Vieng Fishing Village

This village is the system of the floating village on the sea with all of the living activities which happen on the boat. Once visiting Vung Vieng, the travelers will easily be attracted by the small boats, the bamboo nets in doorstep, dark skin babies with cheerful smile and innocence. The best time to visit Vung Vieng Fishing village is the annual Ha Long Tourism Week. Because you will be welcomed to take part in the fishing village festival and wide a range of exciting activities like the culinary competition or folk song singing contest,…

5. Pearl Farm village

Once visiting the Pearl Farm village, tourists will have a chance to watch the whole process to make a valuable pearl and expensive jewelry from the first step of growing and harvesting pearl from Halong Bay. You can also go and see the local experts engaging in the exhaustive process of cultivating and farming the pearls from start to finish. More interesting, visitors will have a chance to pick up some pearls of their own- fresh pearls from Halong Bay make a great souvenir after touring the workshop.

To-do list in Bai Tu Long Bay

Here we provide with you a brief example of an itinerary from a luxury cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay:

Day 1: Hanoi – Bai Tu Long Bay – Vung Vieng Fishing Village – Cong Do (L/D)

8:00: Travelers will be collected from Ha Noi Old Quarter and be taken east to Halong City.

12:45: You will be welcomed by our crew onboard the Bai Tu Long Cruise and then check in, enjoy Welcome Drink, receive cruise briefing, safety instructions and check-in.

13:15: You will be served a Buffet Lunch Set Menu. Regale your taste buds on the delicious local food which prepared and served by our wonderful onboard catering staff.

13:30: Arriving back Bai Tu Long Cruise for watching the magnificent sunset over the Gulf of Tonkin. Onboard, travelers may join a traditional cooking class. Our skill and a professional chef will instruct you in the making of some Vietnam dishes. Different choice: Massage service available. Before using it, please book with Cruise Manager directly (please see massage menu)

14:45: The first stop of our trip is the ever-beautiful Vung Vieng fishing village with the colorful community of houses floats on bamboo rafts which is an amazing man-made site beneath the splendor of the limestone mountains.

19:00: You can get Sumptuous Candlelight Deluxe Dinner Set Menu for an exclusive dining experience.

21:00: After dinner, let’s immerse yourself with a large selection of cocktails or take one of our onboard activities: movies, games and squid fishing… or relaxing with massage services.

Overnight on board.

Day 2: Bai Tu Long Bay Discovering (B/L/D)

6:30: It’s the ideal time on Lan Ha Bay. Travelers can take the chance to participate in our daily Tai Chi session on the top deck or watch the stunning scenery stream past with an early morning cup of tea, coffee or juice.

7:00 - 8:15: A light breakfast of pastries and beverages is served you.

8:30: We will discover the wonders of the secluded Cong Dam area, with all of its spots for kayaking and swimming amid pellucid lagoon waters.

12:00: Back to the day boat for a wonderful lunch, after which we cruise around Cong Dam, finding ideal places for exploring.

15:30: Get back to Lan Ha Bay Cruise where you can take part in a cooking demonstration before enjoying an extraordinary Buffet lunch or “Happy Hour” buy one- get one free on our Sundeck. Travelers can also book a massage through our Cruise Manager from this point on (this is an additional service with an additional cost).

19:00: A dinner in the sparkling moonlight of Lan Ha will be served you.

20:30: Enjoy whatever you please. Don’t miss our bar which is always open and is an ideal place to meet new people and share stories about your adventures. Travelers with energy to burn before bed might want to consider our gym, with its wide window overlooking the sparkling waters of Lan Ha Bay at night.

Day 3: Bai Tu Long Bay – Thien Canh Son Cave – Hanoi (B/L)

6:30: You can get the last chance to greet the day in the perfect way, by energizing your body through a Tai Chi session on the top deck.

7:00: Passing through Thien Canh Son which is a wonderful cave of many interesting rock formations illuminated in dramatic light.

9:00: Back to your Bai Tu Long Bay luxury cruise, you will check out of your cabin and leave your luggage outside of the room for the staff to collect.

10:45: Our crew will wave you off your cruise and onto the bus that heads back to Hanoi, where we will arrive at about 15:00.

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