Hon Co Island

Overview Hon Co Island

If having a chance to visit the Halong Bay tour, you shouldn’t miss out on this ideal place. Hon Co Island, locally called Grass Island, is situated in the center of Cong Do Nature Reserve, surrounded by calm crystal-like water and numerous small islets in various beautiful shapes, one of the most well-known destinations in Bai Tu Long Bay.

Hon Co isn’t a familiar name among travelers, so it still well preserves its untouched and pristine beauty. The journey back to Hon Co Island means leaving the noise, escaping from the city’s hustle, and enjoying a series of thrilling activities like swimming, kayaking, and especially discovering the long white sandy beaches and calm crystal-like water.

Hon Co Island

Hon Co Island

Hon Co island shows up with the green and luxuriant foliage spreading from the foot to the top of vertical stone cliffs creating a fresh green environment and shelter for many animals. Sitting on Hon Co island, there is a famous cave - Thien Canh Son cave (mountain landscape in heaven) with magnificent and inspiringly surreal beauty.

To get to this cave, you will have to walk up about 100 stone steps, set under the craggy cliffs and foliages which give you a brand new feeling like climbing on the side of the heaven gate. Then the tourists can also have an awesome opportunity to immerse in the mysterious charm of the splendid rosin system hanging inside this cave with thousands of glittering stalactites, dome wavy creating unique images: the flowers, stone dragons, and stone statues – such a perfect world, this entire ceiling itself beautifully shines.

Inside this cave, you will be overwhelmed by an almost surreal wonderland with gorgeous natural images and incredible stalactites resembling a baby elephant and a lotus. Last but not least, you can see the exceptional scenery of Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay from the observation point after getting out of the cave.

Hon Co Island

Hon Co Island

Perhaps, you take incredible pictures to memorize these wonderful moments. Recently, the Halong Bay Management Board has developed a stone road system around the island, and tourism activities are well organized so as not to harm the pure natural beauty of Hon Co Island.

This is one of the most attractive destinations of the Halong Bay tour that visitors cannot miss. In addition to this location, you can refer to Lan Ha Bay Cruise to visit more pristine locations with Halong Bay Cruise Deals.

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