Vung Ha

Overview Vung Ha

Belongs to Vung Ha Island, a fairly large island situated in the center of Halong Bay, lies between Vung Vieng village and Crescent Island, Vung Ha Beach nowadays is considered as one of Halong’s most lovely beach stop-off points.

If you want to enjoy the natural surroundings without the noisy and busy metropolis, don’t miss out Vung Ha Beach where is quite secluded and uninhabited. Here the visitors can enjoy the surrounding environment without being bothered by the crowd.

Vung Ha Beach

Vung Ha Beach

Besides, there are also some local fishermen visit here for fishing. And seeing the local fishermen at work is one of the pleasures of visiting Vung Ha.

You can be guided by locals to fish in traditional methods and experience a floating life. Vung Ha is famous for a fascinating natural world with biodiversity and indigenous plant and animal species.

With the vast beaches remain unspoiled and the lack of people, Vung Ha offering a perfect opportunity for those who do come here to get back to nature. Coming to Vung Ha Beach means to touch the magnificent beauty of the mountains and ocean which can make anyone fall in love.

In addition, there are a lot of coral reefs concentrating under the crystal clear water, which intrigue the curious mind of swimmers and snorkelers. You can also explore underground lakes inside the limestone mountain and underwater caves here together with the smooth and turquoise beach.

Vung Ha Beach

Vung Ha Beach

Thanks to the amazing beauty which is awarded by the nature, Vung Ha Beach becomes an ideal destination in Halong Bay area for the tourists relaxing on the sand, immense in the water and taking part in interesting activities such as kayaking and fishing with local fisherman, as well as planting trees and mangroves to protect the environment.

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