The 12 Best Halong Bay Luxury Cruise

With over 20 years of experience in operating cruise services in Halong Bay, our Luxury Cruises promise to bring customers the highest level of service from their bedroom facilities to staff service. Our prestigious ships of Halong Bay Luxury Cruise have brought customers' holidays to a new height, and provide them with an unforgettable trip from the schedules which are designed so perfectly that visitors can maximize their experience and enjoy the vacation from all rooms are well-furnished with modern amenities to ensure your enjoyable stay.

The cabins are divided into 3 types: Superior, Deluxe, and Suites, with windows, and large balconies overlooking the sea. Each cabin with stylish décor has a private balcony and a floor-to-ceiling glass window offering a panoramic view of the bay even from bed. Inspired by traditional Vietnamese junk, Halong Luxury Cruise has a sun deck area with sunbeds and benches, with views of Halong Bay. Here travelers also can enjoy hundreds of wines, and are free to sunbathe, read books, and listen to music in the paradise of Halong Bay.

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Last but not least, together with our Luxury Cruises experience an unrestricted tour of the bay, visit different areas, and explore new places. You completely can decide what activities to take part in. Therefore, you are always comfortable spending more time doing what you love, whether it is swimming, climbing, canoeing, or cave exploration…

12 Best Halong Bay Luxury Cruise

Scarlet Pearl Cruise


Designed in a modern style, Scarlet Pearl Cruise is a 5-star luxury cruise that brings you to discover the primitive beauty of Halong Bay and Lan Ha Hay in unique ways. It has 23 luxury cabins fully equipped with facilities and a private balcony in each cabin. In addition, Scarlet Pearl Cruise offers travelers a large sundeck with a Jacuzzi where you can immerse in the warm or freshwater at any time. Travelers will have a chance to get great experiences in this heritage site with happiness, surprising and luxurious services.

Scarlet Pearl Cruise


Tahiti Restaurant: Located on the 3rd deck, Tahiti Restaurant – named for a type of precious pearls from black-tipped oysters – creates a spacious seating area for lunch and dinner. It is a combination of luxury and traditional style, Vietnamese and international kinds of food, and land food and seafood.

Akoya Spa: Akoya Spa brings you a relaxed time with foot massage & body massage. We use all products from pearl powder for the treatment, which helps you to refresh your body, your mind, and your soul all day.

Bar Bistro: The Bar Bistro is on the front side of the cruise with 180-degree views. It’s wonderful when you enjoy some kinds of drinks and immerse in the wonderful views of Lan Ha Bay even during the daytime or at night time.

Fitness room: If fitness has become a part of your life or one of your habits in the mornings, you should not miss out fitness room on the 3rd deck of Scarlet Pearl Cruise. Doing exercises with modern facilities while enjoying sunrise views of Halong Bay will be a great experience.

Pearl Museum: The Pearl Museum is located on the ground floor. Visiting here, you will see the most famous and expensive pearls in the world. It can be a special and precious souvenir for your partners and family members.

Catamaran Luxury Sailboat: The Catamaran Sails are used for the second days of 3 3-day 2 2-night itinerary. Scarlet Pearl Cruise owns 02 Catamaran Sailboats styled like fishing boats, each of which can be used for 8 persons at maximum. Joining 3 days 2 nights itinerary and experience to explore the insights of Halong Bay with these Catamaran Sails.

Mon Chéri Cruises


Launched in early 2018, Mon Chéri Cruises has its mission to bring an extraordinary vacation to passengers all over the world aboard one of the most luxurious cruises in Halong Bay. The boat cruise carries itself a seamless mixture of the classic European formation and the aural quintessence of Vietnamese styling shown by its graceful design, 18 spacious cabins with private balconies, and a deluxe restaurant with a wonderful menu. Coming to Mon Chéri you will be treated to the best of Vietnamese and international cuisine with daily delivered fresh ingredients and varied menus.

Mon Chéri Cruises


Halal Dining: Being the only cruise in Halong Bay that reaches out to meet the demand for Halal meals of tourists, Mon Chéri has added a special kitchen on the ship. It is by a top Vietnamese Chef who owns a certificate for Halal food and is ready to serve the most delicious meals prepared from authentic ingredients. Cruising with Mon Chéri, no special meal has to be skipped. Even if you do not eat Halal food, you can also try this menu.

Gym: Not only your special meals but also your daily workout routine will not be skipped. Aboard Mon Chéri, you are encouraged to freely use our fitness center available for 24/24 hours.

Spa & Massage: Let pamper yourself with a spa treatment while admiring the majestic views of Halong Bay on Mon Chéri Cruise. This will promise to be a perfect way to relax after a long adventure or hard workout.

Perla Dawn Sails


Our Perla Dawn Sails is considered a work of art defining an off-the-beaten-path cruise to Lan Ha Bay, the Southern part of Halong Bay. With our deepest knowledge and experience of cruising, we will allow you to travel unique routes, discover marvelous areas, and enjoy rare specialized itineraries that other cruises cannot offer you. In addition, what we expect is to bring to our travelers not only a luxury experience but also a Vietnamese cruise. It’s the reason why we will maintain the original traditional styled designs with wooden specifics while other boats feed on modern and sophisticated designs and styles. Moreover, the safety of visitors to Halong Bay is taken very seriously. Our crew members are dedicated to providing exceptional service to enhance your stay for a truly memorable experience.

Perla Dawn Sails


Unique Route: With all the passion to bring a distinctive feeling to customers accompanied by the experience of working in both Halong and Lan Ha Bay for decades, the founders of the cruise have designed an extremely exceptional excursion so that travelers have chances to enjoy being alone at the middle of the massive maze of thousands of karst islands.

Sundeck: An iconic place that we hope our travelers don’t miss. Situated on the highest deck of the Perla Dawn Sails, Sundeck where you may enjoy the grandiose scenery of Halong Bay when it opens in the front. Furnished with wooden chairs and mattresses, coffee tables, and sun umbrellas, let your soul fly and enjoy the clear blue sky, and sunbathe.

Lounge: It’s a place where you are welcomed by our crew. We will offer you a luxury delicate elegant space. The furniture is mainly made of wood, our lounge will bring to our travelers not only a luxury experience but also a Vietnamese traditional cruise.

President Cruise


Being one of the most luxurious cruises in Halong Bay, President Cruise offers its guests an experience of par excellence with Michelin-starred dining, jazz band entertainment, and the most luxurious accommodation found nowhere else in Halong Bay. The five-deck steel craft President is also the biggest overnight cruise ship in Halong Bay measuring 86 meters long, 13.9 meters wide, and 13 meters high. With 46 elegant cabins, two spacious sundecks, a sophisticated dining room, an outdoor Jacuzzi, and a premium spa, the President promises to ensure an exceptional and remarkable experience for its guests.

President Cruise


Relaxing Atmosphere: On this grand ship, you are free to find yourself a favorite corner and craft your experience in a variety of areas, including two spacious sundecks and an outdoor Jacuzzi, an ideal relaxing space for individuals, couples, and even groups.

Fine Dining: Onboard President Cruises, you will be surprised with an imaginative a la carte menu with more than 40 dishes creatively crafted by the world-famous celeb chef John Burton-Race with European and Asian inspirations. The dining quality on the boat is guaranteed with Michelin star.

Evening Entertainment: After dinner, let's stay a while at the restaurant for a Brazilian jazz duo that promises to light up your night in the elegant piano lounge. Being inspired by the music of the Jazz Age 1920s, aboard the President, you will find a New York jazz café right in the dining area, which cannot be found in any other Halong Bay Cruise.

Indochine Cruise


Indochine Cruise is one of the most luxurious cruises in Lan Ha Bay. Together with Indochina Sails in Halong Bay, both belong to the Huong Hai Tourism Group. With more than twenty years in the service industry, we have understood all of the needs of our customers. If you are looking to host a special event, there is no need to search, Indochine Cruise is your choice with continuously developed sets for commercial events, product launches, conferences, theme parties, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.

Indochine Cruise


Cochinchine Louge: Indochine Cruise features a graceful and capacious Cochinchine Lounge area, where guests can enjoy music, relax, and admire the remarkable bay views. The relaxing lounge is a perfect space to regain energy.

Bar and Restaurant Bar: Having meals in our "Tonkin" restaurant, you will be served with delicious food which is cooked by our award-winning chefs on the à la carte and set menu. In addition to serving meals, a restaurant is also a place of art with a classic style along with art galleries, open spaces, and antique display areas. The bar on the ship offers aperitifs, spirits, cocktails, beers, and selected fine wines from around the world.

Ocean Spa: When your first step arrives at our luxurious Ocean Spa you can feel aromatic herbs and nature and meet our accommodating staff with welcoming attitudes. It is a perfect place for you to relax, revitalize, and rejuvenate your body and soul. With safety, and benign products and together with a fully trained team of technicians, you will serve in the super-premium and fanciest spa services. We also provide you with inner peace as you explore the revitalizing steam rooms and saunas and private and tranquility massage rooms. We have total body care services for you as body therapy, slimming massage, facial care, body wellness, foot care, and nail spa.

Era Cruises


Come to Era Cruise, our customers not only take a chance to visit the marvelous spectacle of Viet Nam but also enjoy services with 5-star quality. With spacious areas, suites are positioned at prime locations creating a private space as well as connecting to beautiful nature. Cruise has different suites, decorated in different ways, appropriate for divergent purposes. In each room, you can observe the majestic beauty of the islands and drink colorful cocktails together with your family. Not only that, variety in the type of services will bring out novelty experiences that you have never yet. You will enjoy the glamor of Vietnamese cuisine as well as global cuisine via the gifted hands of master chefs. From the freshest and most nutritive seafood, we assure you your meals will be the most delicious and greatest. Together with us, your trip becomes more exciting with other outside activities that make you relax and forget the noise in the urban, helping to charge full energy for new beginnings, for new plans. With the best effort, our professional crews pledge to keep the most memorable moment of your life.

Era Cruise Halong Bay


Galaxy Coffee Louge: The Galaxy Coffee Lounge is positioned on Lower Deck which is spacious and vast ocean view. This is a perfect spot to unwind and hang out with your friends. The lounge is furnished with fashionable interiors made of stunning materials. You can gradually sip cups of aromatic tea, gourmet coffee, and conversation.

Starry Mini Cinema: It’s such an unrivaled entertainment center, our starry mini-cinema will impress all of you in the first steps. The cinema is equipped with 30 soft plush luxury seats and the latest super-size LED screen and lively sound make you feel like you are in the movies. We for sure that you will have the greatest experience in our cinema.

Rooftop Sundeck: With the incredibly spacious (395 square meters), Rooftop Sundeck is a favorite venue among our guests to witness unforgettable sunsets over the bay or lay back on the sun berths for stunning star-gazing. Here, we provide you with a mini-golf course and sun lounge for guests to enjoy a book or a drink or simply relax and sunbathe. In addition, this is an incomparable place to meet fellow passengers, share travel stories, and witness the perfect panoramic views of the stunning bay.

Medical Care Service: What an unfortunate in case you get hurt or need support from medical services. Right at the Era Cruise, our Medical Care Service Center is available 24/24 to serve you.

Stellar Of The Seas


If you're looking for extraordinary accommodations at sea, look no further than Stellar of the Seas. Known as the first cruise company that organized the cruise through Halong Bay – Bai Tu Long Bay - Lan Ha Bay, this cruise confidently believes that our deepest knowledge and experience of cruising will allow you to travel in unique routes, discover marvelous areas, and enjoy rare specialized itineraries we provide to you, which another cruise cannot offer you.

Stellar of the Seas Halong Bay


Panoramic bar: Our panoramic bar which is separated from the restaurant, the luxury bar is fully stocked with fine wines, spirits, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks where travelers can enjoy sweet moments with perfect drinks, colorful cocktails in the fresh air, take an overview of the sea and seasonal swimming pool.

Mini-Golf Course: Your every wish is our command! With a driving range and a short game practice area with a green and greenside bunker, the Mini-Golf Course is known as the finest and most relaxing area at Stellar of the Seas. Designed with the three practice holes remaining from the old nine-hole course, golfers can have truly wonderful experiences on the bays.

Seasonal Swimming Pool: Imagine that you’re immersing in the water while enjoying the clear blue sky, and sunbathe while sipping cocktails. Situated on the front of the third deck, with nearly 50 square meters, our Seasonal Swimming Pool is the perfect relaxing place where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the world heritage site.

Wine and Cigars Cellar: Another special and luxurious space that we hope our travelers don’t miss. We offer the best selection of wines and cigars over the world. With the fabulous, the great decoration and the spacious seating area, our Wine and Cigars Cellars will give you a great experience.

Orchid Cruise


Orchid Cruises is the leading line of 5-star luxury cruises in Halong Bay. We have a brand new cruise in Halong Bay – Bai Tu Long Bay – Lan Ha Bay with the highest level of cruising services and the most comfortable environment that certainly gives you the highest satisfaction about Halong Bay cruises. Known as the first cruise company that organized the cruise through Halong Bay – Bai Tu Long Bay - Lan Ha Bay, we confidently believe that our deepest knowledge and experience of cruising will allow you to travel in unique routes, discover marvelous areas, and enjoy rare specialized itineraries we provide to you, which another cruise cannot offer you. Orchid Cruises have the 14 most luxury cabins and the best services will be offered to you by our crews who have professional skills.

Orchid Cruise Halong Bay


Spa: The 5-star cruises offer our guests with professional spa services. Our workmanship staff will make you feel so relaxed and comfortable. At Massage and Spa, we have a variety of customized massages for our guests to choose such as signature body massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy body massage, and herbal essential oil treatment.

Restaurant: Located in the dining room, the Orchid Cruise boat offers a comfortable and convenient restaurant. The restaurant is equipped with fully furnished facilities such as air – conditioning, bar, fridge, LED TV,…….that will bring you luxury meals.

Luxury Van: We supply Orchid Cruise Luxury Van (8 seats) designed with flesh-pot depart from Hanoi every morning. It will take you about 1.5 hours to Dinh Vu port, Hai Phong, where we start our journey to explore Halong Bay.

Violet Cruise


Violet Cruise will not just be a holiday but a different life. From the very first moment of the day, there will be no noise to wake up but only the early sun rays gently shine on you through the windows and curtains. The smell of Vietnamese coffee will bring you excitement. Stepping out of your cabin, along the way to the restaurant, you are greeted by the sweet smiles of our staff who are no longer strangers but your friends. Your cruise will be filled with happy moments and interesting activities. All will become a lifetime memory.

Violet Cruise Halong Bay


Lounge: Designed with traditional timber materials and decorated with Indochina patterns, the lounge provides a classy atmosphere to take your time away. Do not miss some pages of a book at our library.

Restaurant with Bar: The restaurant onboard the Violet offers its guests a sophisticated space with a French Colonial atmosphere. The cuisine brings varied tastes and flavors from fresh local ingredients in set menus and à la carte style. Inside the restaurant stands a small bar with irradiated backboard painting that is an ideal place for tasting some of our delicious drinks.

Sundeck: Upon the highest deck of the boat is our spacious sundeck with many sunbeds. Here you will not only stay to watch the scenery but enjoy an enchanted dinner with a special arrangement of lights and stars.

Azalea Cruise


Azalea Cruise is considered to be one of the first 5-star cruises in Halong Bay to organize a unique cruise route through three bays of the Gulf of Tonkin: Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Lan Ha Bay. With the unique cruise route, Azalea Cruise brings its travelers a special chance to quietly relax on a less-traveled route, to touch untouched areas, and to take part in exceptional specific schedules that might not be found in other cruises' itineraries. Housing 20 luxury spacious cabins, all are well-furnished with ensuite bathrooms and private balconies ensuring panoramic views of Halong Bay & Lan Ha Bay, Azalea Cruise promises to bring you the most pleasant stay during your trip.

Azalea Cruise Halong Bay


Customer Service: From the very first step onboard until the time you say goodbye, you will be in an extremely friendly atmosphere with many smiles around. The crew's mission is to bring their guests a cozy "home far from home" but still make sure they are on a luxury vacation with excellent service delivered by the professional and attentive staff.

Azalea Spa: On board Azalea Cruise, customers are pampered with spa services done by Azalea's skillful and professional therapists. Customized massages, and facial and body therapies that are always available at your request will relieve all your headaches and stress, treat your physical conditions, and improve your flexibility.

Azalea Luxury Minivan: The Azalea Cruise docks at Got Port - Hai Phong. From Hanoi, guests can join its luxury 8-seater van with pick-up from any hotel inside the Old Quarter from 9 to 9:30 every morning. It takes you about 2 hours each way. A private car from Hanoi to the port is also available upon request. If your flight is on the departure date, the Cruise can arrange a private pickup to the boat from Hanoi airport (2 hours) or from Hai Phong airport (30 minutes). It is very easy to move from Halong (the city or Hon Gai International port) in just about 1 hour.

Paradise Elegance Cruise


Paradise Elegance Cruise is the newest member of Paradise Cruises Lines which set its first sails in February 2017 in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The life on board will certainly be one of the best parts of cruising with Paradise Elegance with 31 cabins, hosting up to 62 passengers, categorized into 4 types: the entry-level Deluxe Balcony Cabin, the better-view Executive Balcony Cabin, the deluxe room with higher quality Elegance Balcony Suite and the complete Captain's View Terrace Suite.

Paradise Elegance Cruise Halong Bay


Le Parfum Spa: Includes four treatment rooms with both traditional and contemporary therapies, carried out by skilled therapists, Le Parfum Spa is the place to recharge your battery with a variety of facial, body, and foot treatments. Herewith Le Parfum masseurs, their magical hands will pamper you for ultimate relaxation.

Room Service: The Elegance offers you a "dine anywhere concept" when serving you freshly prepared meals even when you are in your room and too lazy to go out.

Le Piano Bar with Live Music: A live music show playing classic songs in all music styles every Tuesday to Sunday, also on request is one of the things you will not want to miss. A cocktail or any of your favorite drinks is highly recommended.

Aphrodite Cruise


Despite being one of the first 5-star cruises in Halong Bay, instead of choosing a modern grandeur style like emerging iron boats, Aphrodite Cruise made an effort to maintain the traditional Asian charm of a wooden boat to bring customers a distinctive experience. Whether you are on the gorgeous open-air sundeck, in the lavish dining room, or in a state of bliss in the Jacuzzi or sauna, the staff is trained to provide a world-class service befitting of a world-class destination.

Aphrodite Cruise Halong Bay


Dinner: Your dinner can be served in the dining room OR on your private balcony or terrace based on your preference. If you want to have a romantic and wonderful dinner in a private space while chatting with your partners, we would love to serve you as you enjoy the beauty of Halong Bay and have memorable moments with your partners and family. All you need to do is let us know and we will satisfy you all.

Restaurant and bar: Our professional chef will serve you both traditional and international delicious food while Aphrodite cruise passes the brilliant views of the sea and unique islets. Besides, our bar can contain 34 passengers and has diversified drinks such as tea, coffee, cocktails, wine…

Sunset party: Sunset party often begins at 5.30 pm and finishes at 7.00 pm every evening. Especially, we have a promotion strategy named “happy hour”, if you order, you can get 1 for free.

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