8 Best Cruises For Kids in Halong Bay

You can choose us to see that cruising with kids has never been easy like that!

Something about Halong Bay - Tour destinations

Located on the Western side of the Gulf of Tonkin in Northern Vietnam and is surrounded by Bai Tu Long Bay to the east and Lan Ha Bay, home of Cat Ba Island, to the south, covering a total area of 1,553 km2, Halong Bay is one of those destinations you don’t want to miss when traveling this Southeast Asian country. With its tremendous geological and geomorphological value exceptional scenic beauty and one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, Ha Long Bay has twice been recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Area be stated that “Apart from Halong Bay there are no equivalent sites on the World Heritage List” in 1994 (first time) and the second time in 2000. We truly believe this trademark emerald green water and 3,000 islands of towering limestone are worth your visit.

Halong Bay is additionally referred to as “the land of the dragon”. According to the legend, when Vietnamese people were invaded by foreign invaders, The Jade Emperor appointed Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons down to help Vietnam fight. While the invaders’ boats from the sea entered massively to the shore, at that same time Dragons landed on earth and immediately ejected a lot of pearls and turned into thousands of rocky islands on the sea creating a solid wall to block the enemy warships. After that fierce battle, the emeralds turned to rocks over time and became the picture of fertility that they are today, sprouting shrubbery and trees along their angled facades. And space, where the dragon landed to guard, is known as Ha Long now.

Cua Van Fishing Village

Cua Van Fishing Village - Halong Bay

Coming to Ha Long, travelers should allow a few days to explore this magical bay as its attractions are extremely numerous. Among hundreds of limestone islands, you can visit the amazing Titop Island which is well-known for its scenic landscape with a quiet atmosphere, white sand, and cool water and a quiet atmosphere or go to Pearl Farm Village where you can take a chance to watch the whole process to make a valuable pearl and expensive jewelry from the first step of growing and harvesting pearl from Halong Bay,… and much more.

In addition, we also provide our visitors with information on the best time to visit Halong Bay and How to get from Hanoi to Halong. For more details, please click on the link we posted above. We truly hope that our articles will help you make the right and clear decisions for your trip.

Reviews of 8 Best Cruises for Kids in Halong Bay

We believe that Halong would be awesome for your family's holiday because surely this destination can make a great impression on children. We also understand that children are often very fragile since their health cannot be as tough as an adult's, so instead of a hotel, a resort an amusement park for small children, a swimming pool, or somewhere near the beach, you can take your children to our cruises. By getting fresh air from the sea while enjoying the best services on board, your kids certainly can feel much more comfortable and relaxed. However, recently to make decisions to determine which cruise ships are the best for your youngsters even trickier, ships vary greatly, not just from line to line but within fleets, making some more attractive than others in terms of onboard activities. And it’s the reason why we created this post. Below we provide you with 10 bucket list-worthy cruises the whole family can enjoy. All are safe and complete with extremely impressive and interesting space.

Luxury Cruise Group

All arguments are meaningless before Halong Bay Luxury Cruises. Halong Bay Luxury Cruises are different in class, mineralization, and sophistication in every line of carving and taking care of customers with enthusiasm from the depth of heart for every service. The vessels of the highest class of Halong Bay Luxury Cruise meet the needs for a perfect trip that cuts through the jade-green waters of a bay as magnificent as the legendary Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Bai Tu Long Bay. Moreover, Halong Bay Luxury Cruise is proud to be the most advanced five-star Cruise on Halong Bay, where cultural and natural values are felt in a unique, sophisticated, polite, and luxurious way with a classic wooden boat style, in harmony with natural beauty, but the entire interior is equipped with the most luxurious and modern facilities in the world. The tall sails of Halong Bay's 5 6- and 6-star junk boats bridge the gap between the shimmering sea and the open span of the sky. We are committed that all services are perfect, closed into a unified block from the professional pick-up station to the luxurious lounge, and safe jetty system. With innovative features such as seaplane rides and personal butler service, we hope the travelers will get the latest experience on their trip.

President Cruise

Being one of the most luxurious cruises in Halong Bay, President Cruise offers its guests an experience of par excellence. Once coming on this cruise, travelers will enjoy a cruise through the world’s most splendid scenery all while being served with great dining, entertainment, a jazz band, and the most luxurious accommodation found nowhere else in Halong Bay. The five-deck steel craft President is also the biggest overnight cruise ship in Halong Bay measuring 86 meters long, 13.9 meters wide, and 13 meters high. With 46 elegant cabins, two spacious sundecks, a sophisticated dining room, an outdoor Jacuzzi, and a premium spa, the President promises to ensure an exceptional and remarkable experience for its guests. Cruising with the President, you will enjoy the majestic scenery unfolding before your eyes. Our handcrafted experiences will lead you through the limestone karsts to discover a hidden wealth of culture, explore Cua Van floating village, fabulous caves, and pearl farms, and climb up to the top of an island to get a 360-degree view of the bay from above.

President Cruise

President Cruise - Halong Bay


  • Fine Dining: Onboard President Cruises, you will be surprised with an imaginative a la carte menu with more than 40 dishes creatively crafted by the world-famous celeb chef John Burton-Race with European and Asian inspirations. The dining quality on the boat is guaranteed with Michelin star.
  • Relaxing Atmosphere: On this grand ship, you are free to find yourself a favorite corner and craft your experience in a variety of areas, including two spacious sundecks and an outdoor Jacuzzi, an ideal relaxing space for individuals, couples, and even groups.
  • Evening Entertainment: After dinner, let's stay a while at the restaurant for a Brazilian jazz duo that promises to light up your night in the elegant piano lounge. Being inspired by the music of the Jazz Age 1920s, aboard the President, you will find a New York jazz café right in the dining area, which cannot be found in any other Halong Bay Cruise.

Perla Dawn Sails Cruise

Being a leader 5-starship bringing customers to discover the new Lan Ha Bay, with the enthusiasm of the owners to give the best natural and cultural experience to customers, Perla Dawn Sails has gradually designated the primitive beauty of Lan Ha Bay on the traveling maps for tourists. Moreover, understanding the preciousness of your vacation, all the suites of Perla Dawn are endowed with private balconies so that you can touch every inch of nature in every single second wherever you go, all service on board is served by well-trained, friendly, and professional staff and all activities during the trip are designed meticulously in order to give you unforgettable memory with your partners, friends or families.

Perla Dawn Sails

Perla Dawn Sails - Halong Bay


  • Cultural dinner: If the typical traditional hand-made decoration gives you a strong impression of the cultural value that the cruise has brought, dinner will be a time to uncover the real exploration of Vietnamese culture. Besides delicious, fresh food served under a thousand sparkling stars on a local fishing farm in the middle of the serene legendary bay, a traditional musical show with unique folk instruments is performed during the dinner.
  • Cozy public space: Making and communicating with new friends from all over the world is absolutely one of the main purposes of travel. There is no difficulty in making it happen once you come to New Moon Restaurant and Bar or Perla Sundeck. With a cozy style as well as the fabulous overall view of the bay from the second story, Perla Dawn's public area will definitely pull all travelers together.
  • Excursion suitable to every age and every demand: Seeing new and wonderful things is certainly the essential desire of human beings from young wild to middle or elder age, from adventurous to leisurely soul. Do you believe Perla Dawn Sails can satisfy them all? If you are an adventurous sporty person, you must enjoy discovering off-the-beaten tracks on your own a lot, so let's get on kayaks and do it or jump off from a raft or the boat to feel the emerald water yourself. If you would love to spend an easy and relaxing vacation with family or beloved lovers, let's enjoy a leisure retreat on bamboo boats to contemplate the poetic beauty of the world wonder.

Paradise Elegance Cruise

Paradise Elegance Cruise is the newest member of Paradise Cruises Lines which set its first sails in February 2017 in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ship features 31 cabins, hosting up to 62 passengers, categorized into 4 types: the entry-level Deluxe Balcony Cabin, the better-view Executive Balcony Cabin, the deluxe room with higher quality Elegance Balcony Suite, and the complete Captain's View Terrace Suite. All cabins are well-furnished with a private balcony large bed, walk-in wardrobe, and full-amenity bathroom. Aboard Paradise Elegance Cruise, you can immerse yourself in a harmonious exterior and interior with an elegant combination of contemporary design and Vietnamese traditional style. Life on board will certainly be one of the best parts of cruising with Paradise Elegance. Equipped with relaxed sunbeds, the views from the spacious L'Odyssée Sundeck are spectacular. Don't miss the open bar next door where you will have all of the delicious drinks that you can taste in this world. The activities on the Elegance do not stop there. Sipping a cup of tea, enjoying live music in Le Piano Bar, delighting in a Vietnamese cooking demonstration, or watching a movie in the cruise cinema are all of the interesting things you can do.

Paradise Elegance Cruise

Paradise Elegance Cruise - Halong Bay


  • Le Piano Bar with Live Music: A live music show playing classic songs in all music styles in every Tuesday to Sunday, also on request is one of the things you will not want to miss. A cocktail or any of your favorite drinks is highly recommended.
  • Le Parfum Spa: Includes four treatment rooms with both traditional and contemporary therapies, carried out by skilled therapists, Le Parfum Spa is the place to recharge your battery with a variety of facial, body, and foot treatments. Herewith Le Parfum masseurs, their magical hands will pamper you for ultimate relaxation.
  • Room Service: The Elegance offers you a "dine anywhere concept" when serving you freshly prepared meals even when you are in your room and too lazy to go out.

Deluxe Cruise Group

With over 20 years of experience in operating cruise services in Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Bai Tu Long Bay, our Deluxe Cruises promise to bring customers the highest level of service from their bedroom facilities to staff service. Our prestigious ships of Halong Bay Deluxe Cruises have brought customers' holidays to a new height, and provide them with an unforgettable trip from the schedules which are designed so perfectly that visitors can maximize their experience and enjoy the vacation from all rooms are well-furnished with modern amenities to ensure your enjoyable stay. Together with Deluxe Cruise to experience an unrestricted tour of the bay, visit different areas, and explore new places. You completely can decide what activities to take part in. Therefore, you are always comfortable spending more time doing what you love, whether it is swimming, climbing, canoeing, or cave exploration.

V'Spirit Premium Cruise

A vacation aboard V'Spirit Premier Cruise, one of the deluxe cruises in Lan Ha Bay is a seamless choice for you to discover a part of the Halong Bay area that features an indistinguishable limestone duplicate of its more famous neighbor but still maintains its primitive natural beauty. Here, the roar of the engine is transgressed by the voice of the wild, where statuesque mountains, evocative caverns, and jungle-covered islands comprise nature's silent masterpiece. Cruising with V'Spirit Premier, you will take part in many stimulating activities such as swimming, kayaking, and cave exploring on a bamboo boat, all while sailing through less traveled waters in the poetically gorgeous southern part of Halong Bay. The V'Spirit Premier has 4 decks with 25 Suite Balcony cabins which are inspired by the original traditional styles with solid wood. Our goal is to offer our passengers not only a luxury experience with safety standards but also a traditional Vietnamese cruise with exciting activities and delicious food. Environmental protection plays a crucial and growing role in sustainable tourism development. It is the reason why responsible tourism is a distinct passion for the V'Spirit Team. We carry in our mind the essence of Green Spirit; through proper recycling, energy efficiency, and regular clean-up events, our team fights for the future of a healthy Halong Bay.

V'Spirit Premier Cruise

V'Spirit Premier Cruise - Halong Bay


  • Premier Restaurant: Sit down in our stylish dining room, your gateway to the finest Vietnamese gastronomy. Decorated in burnished wood and ornamental flourishes, the restaurant retains the sweeping panoramas of the bay with windows on three walls.
  • Sundecks: Sit on our beautiful sun loungers and watch the sun beaming down from an open sky, creating shadows that shimmer invitingly on the water. Sunrise Tai Chi follows in the morning when the new pink dawn graces the smooth wooden deck beneath your feet.
  • Spa & Massage: Feel your troubles dissipate into the sea air at the V'Spirit Premier Spa. Under the gentle hands of our qualified and experienced masseuse, you will release the last of your stress while swaying languidly on the waves.

Pelican Cruise

Pelican Cruise is one of the deluxe cruises in Halong Bay which is a member of Ha Long Image Cruise Company established in 2011. The cruise is fully equipped with qualified facilities and amenities along with navigation and rescue devices, transceivers, and fire alarms, which ensures the highest quality of service and safety standards for customers. We understand that the significant factor for a successful business is the satisfaction of the customers over the services they use, The Pelican team is always ready and eager to receive customers' feedback to continually improve our services. The Pelican Cruise offers rich cuisine and an extensive collection of drinks from the refined restaurant and bar, indoors or on the sun deck. The rooms are flawlessly designed with spacious windows or a private balcony overlooking the sea, natural wood floors, an in-house phone, an air-conditioner, and an en-suite bathroom. These highlights along with a specialized and welcoming staff have been bringing a great experience for visitors when coming to Halong Bay - The natural wonders of the world.

Activities Halong Bay Cruise

Activities - Halong Bay Cruise


  • Pelican Restaurant: Pelican Restaurant is designed for a wonderful atmosphere where guests can enjoy their meals while admiring the impressive view of the bay. Our proficient staff serves you with well-catered delicious meals together with supreme service to bring you an unforgettable dining experience.
  • Pelican Spa: Onboard Pelican, do not forget to visit our Spa. Our skillful and specialized therapists will pamper your body and calm your mind with expert spa and massage treatments. Our wide selection of therapies including customized facial and body massage which are always available at your request, will relieve your pain and stress, treat your physical conditions, and improve your flexibility.

Jasmine Cruise

Jasmine Cruise is one of the deluxe cruises in Halong Bay which is also the second of the famous “Three Sisters” (including Violet, Jasmine, and Ginger) managed by Heritage Line. With three brown sails and dark wood covering in the style of a traditional junk, Jasmine is well known for its welcoming crew and modest sophistication which can satisfy visitors who are looking for both coziness and exploration. Both the interiors and exteriors of Jasmine Cruise are sheltered in refined wood, which creates an Indochina look. With a large restaurant and spacious sundeck, 23 well-furnished cabins, all with sea-view windows or balconies, guests can enjoy the bay’s beauty everywhere they want, inside the cabins or up on the sundeck. Aboard the Jasmine Cruise, you will live a different life. You will awake with sunshine and sea waves around you. A sumptuous breakfast with noodles, eggs, omelets, bacon, croissants, cereal, coffee, tea, juices, and more awaits you in a sophisticated restaurant. Your day will be full of exciting activities from a morning Tai Chi lesson to paddling in the bay on a kayak, then swimming and visiting a floating village. Every moment will be a memorable one in your whole life.

Highlights Halong Bay Cruise

Highlights Halong Bay Cruise


  • Restaurant: Jasmine's restaurant offers its guests a spacious area to enjoy their meals with picturesque scenery scrolling behind the windows. Beautiful Asian and Vietnamese decors and wooden furniture bring about an Indochina feeling that cannot be found in Western countries. Inside the restaurant is a small lounge with a bar where your dinner is served.
  • Terrace and Sundeck: When you are on the boat, do not miss any moment on the terrace. This public place comes with chairs and comfortable seating for passengers to see the life of the bay. Especially, in the evening, a splendid seafood barbecue will be set in this open and peaceful area. Up to the top deck of the boat, you have a lovely space to enjoy the view of the bay from above. Here we set up sun chairs and umbrellas for you to relax and taste some drinks and snacks served from our bar.

Day Cruise Group

Known as the newest member of a company with almost 10 years of experience, our Day Cruises is a journey with a distinguishable heart that is eager to show you the verdant scene of mystical Ha Long Bay. With the decoration of the crowning of magnificent brown sails and hauntingly sumptuous wood, Day Cruises become a luxuriant but cozy "home away from home". Together with Day Cruises, you are encouraged to sit back and drink it all in, either at the bar or out on the sundeck, your wonderful experience will be ensured. Our sundeck is also the place where you join an enlightening cooking class and an enjoyable fruit-carving demonstration. With our excellent service, it takes you only 2 hours to transfer from Hanoi, the transit gives you an unparalleled 7 hours on the bay which is almost double the normal route of other Halong Bay day tours. Moreover, come with us, you will be welcomed and served with Vietnamese hospitality. Our loyal staff will promise to bring your Halong Bay cruise back to its simplest form, where you are more than a customer, but a guest to our gorgeous homeland.

Kids in Halong Bay Cruise

Kids in Halong Bay Cruise

Orchid Day Cruise

Being one of the newest day cruises departing from Hai Phong, Orchid Day Cruise sets its sail in Lan Ha Bay, the southern part of Halong Bay which is very far from the tourist trap in the Halong Bay center, meaning a more secluded charm. Here you have a chance to go kayaking or bamboo boat rowing through an isolated area of the bay surrounded by a lot of amazing limestone islands. Featuring luxurious decoration in a harmonious combination with the simple stylish design of the wooden furniture, Orchid Day Cruise offers an elegant appeal along with an outstanding service provided by a professional crew team. Guests who take the Orchid Day Cruise will enjoy a much more pleasant service with only a 2-hour transfer from Hanoi city to arrive at the pier.


  • Longer Cruising: The 2 hours for transferring from Hanoi to arrive at the pier gives you a longer journey than the normal route of other Halong Bay day cruises with 7 hours on the bay. Your time on the bay is extended ensuring a better experience.
  • Friendly and Professional: All services onboard are served by a well-trained, friendly, and professional crew team to make sure our guests are on a luxury day cruise with excellent service but still cozy and simple with so many smiles around.

Jade Sails Cruise

Jade Sails Cruise is one of the day cruises in Halong Bay making a brand new track in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay, which is shown through both its appearance and itinerary. Our intimate up-to-date ship is born entirely of its design with complexity and luxury providing our guests with the genuine from the moment stepping aboard to the time saying goodbye. Aboard the Jade Sails Cruise, you will always be surrounded by unparalleled luxury from the handcrafted teak and oak woodwork, two restaurants, a high-class spa, an elegant sundeck, a café, and a lounge bar. Jade Sails Cruise offers its guests the ultimate experience with 8 hours of cruising time, which also makes it the longest day cruise in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Starting earlier and finishing later, the Jade Sails gives you more time to explore the private corners of Lan Ha Bay, the quiet southern part of Halong Bay.


  • Fascinating water-based activities: Cruising with Jade Sails, you will spend your time on many exciting activities: Swimming and kayaking at the Tung Gau area which is famous for its appealing seascape, fresh air, and amazingly stunning scenery; Sitting on a local rowing bamboo boat through Bright Cave.
  • Remarkable onboard services: Aboard Jade Sails, you will not only be pampered with elegant luxury but also be enchanted with two delightful meals cooked by our talented chefs, a Sunset Party on the top deck of the boat as the sun falls, and a fun cooking class to learn about a specialty of Vietnamese cuisine.

Lastly, we hope that after reading this blog by Halong Bay Cruise Deals, your family will get the most useful information for their trip!


  1. Linda88 Linda88 says:

    I have two young children, one 4-year-old and one 7-year-old. I want them to stay on the cruise ship with Asian and Vietnamese decors. So which ship should we choose?

    1. Robert Kieu Robert Kieu says:

      If you want them to stay on the cruise ship with Asian and Vietnamese decors. You can choose the Perla Dawn Sails because it is a wide ship, luxury. It have Cultural dinner: If the typical traditional hand-made decoration gives you a strong impression about the cultural value that the cruise has brought, dinner will be time to uncover the real exploration of Vietnamese culture. Besides delicious, fresh food served under a thousand sparkling stars on a local fishing farm at the middle of the serene legendary bay, a traditional musical show with the unique folk instruments is performed during the dinner.

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