Halong Bay Cruise Price List 2024

You’ve added Halong Bay to your bucket list for ages, but navigating hundreds of cruise options and their price tags is so overwhelming that it leaves you with more frustration than excitement. Fear not, our fellow travelers - No more wading through endless cruise options! This ultimate price list of Halong Bay Cruise Deals is your key to unlocking the bay's magic without any stress.

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Forget the headache of endless comparisons. We've meticulously curated the Halong Bay Cruise Price List with the best cruises of 2024, categorized by budget levels. Whether you're a shoestring explorer, a comfort seeker, or a luxury aficionado, we'll guide you to the perfect cruise that aligns with your dreams and your wallet.

I. Luxury Cruises in Halong Bay

Price list of luxury cruises on Halong Bay Cruise Deals 2024

Cruise Launched Year Price Operating Bay Available Itineraries Unique services
Essence Grand Cruise 2023 $200 Halong Bay

Fitness & Spa Center

Sky Bar & Pool Bar

Kid Club


Conference Room

Scarlet Pearl Cruise 2019 $172 Lan Ha Bay

Tahiti Restaurant

Akoya Spa

Fitness Room

Pearl Museum

Genesis Regal Cruise 2019 $150 Lan Ha Bay

Swimming Pool

2 Bars

Luxury Modified Limousine

The Halong Catamaran Premium Cruise 2019 $95 Lan Ha Bay Waterslide
Jade Sails Cruise 2018 $119 Lan Ha Bay

Longest Day Cruise


La Regina Legend 2018 $145 Lan Ha Bay

Conference & Meeting Facilities




Catherine Cruise 2023 $250 Halong Bay

Exquisite Restaurants

Swimming Pool




Capella Cruise 2020 $183 Lan Ha Bay


Cigar & Poker Club

Fitness Center


Inflatable Waterslide

Mini Golf

Stepping into the charm of the world-class with the unparalleled luxury cruise class on Halong Bay! Picked from dozens of luxury cruises on Halong Bay Cruise Cruise Deals, these suppliers offer an unforgettable experience unlike any other. Imagine spacious cabins adorned with plush furnishings, private balconies boasting breathtaking panoramic views, and impeccable butler service catering to your every whim. Savor gourmet meals prepared by world-class chefs, indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, and unwind in infinity pools overlooking the mystical bay.

  • Best for: Discerning travelers seeking an exclusive and pampered escape, honeymooners, or those celebrating a special occasion on the astonishing Halong Bay.

If you are a guest seeking an exclusive and pampered escape, there must be at least a luxurious cruise that suits you. Ready to craft your dream Vietnam adventure by combining a luxurious Halong Bay cruise with captivating land tours?  Set sail on an unforgettable journey – let us craft your perfect personalized itinerary!

II. Mid-range Cruises in Halong Bay

Price list of mid-range cruises on Halong Bay Cruise Deals 2024

Cruise Launched Year Price Operating Bay Available Itineraries Unique services
Rosy Cruise 2019 $145 Lan Ha Bay
  • Rosy Sky Jacuzzi on sundeck
  • Spa treatment
Dragon Bay Cruise 2022 $133 Lan Ha Bay
  • Luxury Restaurant and Sky Bar
  • Triple Rooms available
  • All cabins with private balcony
Verdure Lotus Cruise Luxury 2022 $125 Lan Ha Bay
  • Newly launched
    5 star furniture
  • Elegant and unique design
  • Spacious cabin with private balcony
Amethyst Day Cruise 2023 $85 Halong Bay
  • Early pick-up from Hanoi (7 AM)
  • 4-season Jacuzzi
  • Minibar on sundeck
  • Free birthday celebration
Milalux Cruise 2023 $146 Halong Bay
  • Spa service with specialized therapists
  • Spacious cabins with oversized windows
  • Daily BBQ dinner
Halong Diamond Cruise 2023 $90 Halong Bay
  • Newest 4-star Cruise in Halong Bay
  • Luxurious restaurant up to 100 guests
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi pool
Omkara Halong Indian Cruises 2019 $85 Halong Bay
  • Indian menus by Indian chef

The mid-range cruise class on our Halong Bay Cruise Price List strikes the perfect balance between comfort and affordability. You'll find spacious cabins with modern amenities, delicious meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients, and attentive service that ensures a relaxing and enjoyable journey.  Many mid-range cruises also offer exciting activities like kayaking, cave exploration, and swimming in the emerald waters of the bay. If you want to extend the adventure with pre- and post-land tours, combine your mid-range Halong Bay cruise with captivating land tours with us!

  • Best for: Value-conscious travelers seeking a comfortable and enriching experience, families with children, or those looking for a taste of luxury without breaking the bank.

III. Budget Cruises in Halong Bay

Price list of budget cruises on Halong Bay Cruise Deals 2024

Cruise Launched Year Price Operating Bay Available Itineraries Unique services
Crown Legend Cruise 2023 $120 Halong Bay
  • Luxurious cabin with full facilities
  • Spacious sundeck
  • Variety of destinations on routes
Cozy Bay Premium Cruise 2018 $65 Halong Bay
  • Highly reviewed in the price range
  • Extremely well-curated services
Arcady Day Cruise 2018 $70 Halong Bay
  • Traditional classic style
  • Less-touristy route
  • More privacy and personalized service
Stella Maris Day Cruise 2023 $70 Halong Bay
  • Stylish dining area & scenic sundeck
  • Accommodates 99 guests
Verdure Lotus Classic Cruise 2019 $120 Halong Bay
  • Signature lotus design
  • Unique route to hidden parts of Halong Bay
Alova Premium Day Cruise 2019 $65 Halong Bay
  • Luxurious round-trip transfer
  • 6-hour cruising time
  • Cruise visits Thien Cung Cave

Calling all budget adventurers! The budget cruise class on our Halong Bay Cruise Price List unlocks the magic of the bay without emptying your wallet. Explore towering limestone formations, discover hidden caves, and swim in the refreshing waters – all at an incredible price. Budget cruises offer comfortable cabins, delicious meals showcasing Vietnamese cuisine, and exciting activities like kayaking and swimming.

Craving an action-packed adventure without sacrificing affordability? Look no further! These budget cruises boast jam-packed itineraries, ensuring you experience the best of Halong Bay. Plus, many offer inclusions like meals and kayaking, maximizing your value.

  • Best for: Budget-conscious travelers seeking an action-packed adventure, backpackers, or those who prioritize exploring over luxurious amenities.

A couple of tourists taking pictures on Halong Bay Cruise Deals

So, have you found your perfect fit? Hope that our Halong Bay Cruise Deals Price List for 2024 can be your one-stop shop to unlock the magic of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whether you're a budget-savvy adventurer seeking an action-packed escape, a comfort seeker desiring a relaxing journey with delicious meals like on the Essence Grand Cruise or Verdure Lotus Cruise, or a luxury aficionado yearning for an exclusive pampering experience on Scarlet Pearl Cruise!

But wait, there's more! To fully prepare for your unforgettable adventure, explore our related blogs on the top things to do in Halong Bay and essential tips before visiting Halong Bay.

Ready to craft the ultimate Vietnam itinerary? Get a free designed itinerary to seamlessly combine your dream Halong Bay cruise with captivating land tours to other stunning destinations in Vietnam. Don't wait any longer – set sail on an unforgettable journey today!


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